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National Park Service (NPS) sites receive approximately 280 million visitors each year. This website provides historic and current visitor use statistics for 377 of the 401 units included in the National Park System. (Statistics are not available for some areas; for example, those with joint administration of federal and non-federal lands.)

The National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. Records of this public use date back more than a century to 1904, when the national park idea was still new. In that year, six national parks reported a total of 120,690 visits.

The Public Use Statistics Office relies on NPS field staff to count, record, and report public use. This program of collecting and analyzing monthly public use data is combined with continuous auditing of park counting procedures to ensure consistency and accuracy of the data.

The responsibility for collecting and distributing these visitor use statistics lies with the Public Use Statistics Office, which is part of the Social Science Branch of the Natural Resource Stewardship and Science Directorate's Environmental Quality Division.

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