Research Contact Information

Sara Strickland
3655 US Hwy 211 East
Luray, VA 22835
540-999-3500 x3788
Chief, Division of Natural & Cultural Resources
Jim Schaberl
Jim Schaberl, Wendy Cass, Rolf Gubler, Alan Williams, Evan Childress, David Demarest

Park Specific Research Conditions

(General Conditions which apply to all NPS Scientific Research and Collecting Permits are available from the HELP page. General Conditions are automatically appended to the permit conditions on the PDF printable permit)


This permit must be carried by field staff while in the park. The permit is your entrance pass. Investigators should be prepared to show the permit and personal identification as requested by any park staff member.

In addition to the project and park specific conditions outlined here, investigators must adhere to the National Park Service’s General Conditions for Scientific Research and Collecting Permit available at Please read these conditions carefully as they are legally binding.

Investigators are responsible for knowing and complying with park regulations unless specifically exempted in this permit. The park’s compendium is available at: Investigators must park in approved public areas. Investigators are responsible for their own safety.

This permit does NOT give permission for investigators to access closed areas including vehicular use of administrative roads or enter the park through private property adjoining the park.

IF APPROVED ADD: At their own risk, investigators may use Administrative Roads to access research sites. Many administrative roads require 4-wheel drive and/or high-clearance vehicles for safe passage. A gate key may be issued to the investigators; follow park policy for using access roads.


Conduct research with minimal impact. All field personnel must make reasonable efforts to follow Leave No Trace outdoor ethics principles during field activities. See Equipment or markers or flagging left in the field for any duration must be specifically authorized below.

IF APPROVED IN WILDERNESS ADD: Protect Wilderness values. All collections must occur out of sight and sound of visitors to the maximum extent possible. Use of mechanized equipment in park Wilderness is not allowed unless specifically authorized in this permit.

IF APPROVED ADD: Equipment and/or markers are approved for this permit. Label all equipment with your name, date of installation, phone number, and the words "Research Study #XXXX.” Provide UTMs of the locations to Place equipment and markers in such a way that their visibility from trails and roads is minimized. All markers must be removed by the expiration date on this permit unless otherwise indicated.

IF APPROVED ADD: Handling wildlife is approved for this permit. Notify of any mortalities. All VHF and GPS collars on wildlife must be camouflaged to blend in with the animal; antennas must also be as invisible as possible. All collars must be removed at the completion of the study by either blow-off capabilities or cotton (rot-away) spacers.

Prevent the spread and introduction of non-native plants and animals. Prior to entering the park and before moving between study sites, all field participants must check and clean shoe and boot tops and treads with a boot brush. Equipment, clothing, backpacks, and tools must also be clean and free of plant material, weed seeds, and mud that could harbor weed seeds. Dry and clean waders and gear before entering park waters and before moving between streams.

Protect rare plants and archeological resources. No rocks may be moved and no soil disturbed during this project unless specifically authorized in this permit.

Protect park waters. Use of chemicals or hazardous materials is not allowed unless specifically authorized in this permit.

No specimens (including materials, samples, artifacts) may be collected and/or retained unless specifically authorized in this permit. See General Conditions #6.

IF APPROVED ADD: Specimen collection and temporary retention is approved on this permit. Specimens will be destroyed in analysis. If this changes, contact

IF APPROVED ADD: Specimen collection and retention is approved on this permit. See General Conditions #6. Specimens are owned by the National Park Service in perpetuity regardless of their final repository. Contact the park’s Museum Specialist ( for accession and catalog information PRIOR to the start of fieldwork.


Share results. See General Conditions #7. The permittee is required to submit an Investigator’s Annual Report and copies of final reports, publications, and other materials (including GIS data and associated metadata) resulting from this study resulting from this study through the National Park Service Research Permit and Reporting System. An oral presentation to park staff and/or the public may also be required. Contact the park’s Data Manager ( for details about the park's digital geographic data and metadata requirements PRIOR to the start of fieldwork.

Park Collection Permit Conditions


Park Data Submission Permit Conditions


Research Preferences

No research preferences at this time.


Inclement weather may necessitate closure of Skyline Drive at any time. Please call the park's recorded information line:
(540) 999-3500, 1, 1 for the most current Skyline Drive status.

Grants to assist with research done in the park are now available. For more information visit: